Day 16 – Laggan Locks to Neptune’s Staircase

At last a dry calm day after 10 days of strong winds and torrential rain. We set off down Laggan Locks at about 9:30am and the helpful lock-keeper from Burnley locked us down on our own. The locks are huge and it seems ridiculous that my tiny boat takes up a lock. But the lock-keepers are happy to oblige. This was our first lock down on the trip and down is easier than up.

The wonderfully named Loch Lochy was the main part of the trip it’s about 9 miles long and was peaceful and calm. Admittedly the wind that we had was totally on the bow, but we’re heading South West so that’s no surprise. Re-entering the canal takes a little navigation and we passed a lighthouse to port, left, and were soon coming upon another lock. Again we were soon in the lock on our own and then passed a swing bridge before we were en-route to the top of Neptune’s Staircase our target for the day.

Lot’s of planning is going into Friday’s trip, the day after tomorrow, when I am solo again and heading for Oban down Loch Linnie. Tides run at 2kts at the North end so I really have to go with the tide for this. It needs to be a 11am departure and Pam’s train leaves at 11:21am from the sea lock. We’re going to head down the last 3 locks and drop Pam off on the waiting pontoon around 9am. At this stage wind looks light. Fingers crossed.

On reaching Oban I’ve booked into a hotel for a few days to recuperate. It has been a gruelling trip since Stonehaven and I need a few days of pampering to recover my strength.

4 Replies to “Day 16 – Laggan Locks to Neptune’s Staircase”

  1. Hopefully this means that you will continue on past Oban? Weather is set fair for the weekend…whatever you decide, many thanks for sharing the trip.

    1. Sat on my boat at Corpach lock wet windy and cold. Another day like this tomorrow and Sunday. I’m afraid my endurance is spent. Scottish weather has been my nemesis.

  2. Thanks for the reply Nik and I hope you and your wife enjoy your remaining time in Scotland. Dreich days can’t be much fun when you’re on a small boat.

  3. Continue !!! Do not give up at Oban !! I have been following you journey with interest. I have a Westerly Centaur 26′ found all around the world. My Hungarian friend, Attila, set out from Dublin in his 21′ Hurley, and is currently in Panama traversing the Canal, into the Pacific and beyond…..…he has a smaller boat than yours. Raise your eyes to the horizon, you can do it !!

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