Day 19 Dunstaffnage to Oban

Two weeks of stress and boat motion has left me feeling pretty dire. At 2pm I got a taxi into Oban and booked into the Sutherland Guest House. I write this after spending a much needed night on dry land. Stomach is still feeling less than perfect but I hope to force some breakfast down. Dosed up on Lucozade last night and at least that gave me a little energy.

I can’t begin to imagine the resolve and will that someone who travels long distances in small boats must have. After nearly three weeks on Papillon, two of them in dreadful weather, I needed to be able to walk around.

Well at least I tried and was found wanting. I think I’m happy that I tried but I think that might take a little more time to have elapsed before I can look back with some fond memories. Certainly not an end to my sailing. But sailing from now on will be on nothing less than a 40 footer and with at least 4 people on board and somewhere warm. For most of the last two weeks I’ve motored into 20-35kt winds, temperature around 12 degrees and non-stop rain. Nothing compared to those hardy souls that cross oceans but too much for me.

If you have been then thanks for following the trip.

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  1. And thanks again for sharing it with us Nik. You got of the start line and made it to your own finish, which is more than can be said for a lot of us.

  2. Thanks for that. Currently feel like a bit of a softy having read many books of extreme voyages. When I set off the option was to head for Holland. I suspect given the current heat wave down South that if I’d done that the outcome might be different. But in the end a long time in such a small space and solo is not for me. Miss my wife too much.

  3. Dear Nik, I agree with Stephen Mundane and also think it took great courage to get as far a you have done so don’t beat yourself up about it. Well done and keep sailing!
    Best regards

  4. Appreciate that. Fully recovered now. Just off to Abersoch Dinghy Week where I suspect I’ll be coming last in the Laser class! Looking forward to it though.

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