Day 22 – Port Ellen to Arbeg by foot!

Great day today enjoying the distillery walk from Port Ellen to Ardbeg in perfect weather. If you haven’t done it then grab the ferry from Kennacraig on Kintyre and have a great day. The walk is by the side of the road, fairly flat and tarmacced to if you are on bikes it is really easy. I did 22,000 steps going there and back.

Couldn’t resist the tour at Laphroaig since this is a tipple that I enjoy. The guide was great. First time I’ve seen the malting stage on a distillery tour. You get a glass and 3 drams and the tour for a bargain £10 and I helped myself to 2 complementary coffees.

Continued on my way to Ardbeg passing Lagavulin on the way. Ardbeg has a simply excellent and reasonably priced cafe.

I came back the same way in rising temperatures and couldn’t pass the Islay Hotel in Port Ellen without buying a cold lager.

Weather forecast for tomorrow still great, might even get the sails out! Only minus is an early start, alarm on 5am for a 6am departure, Tides on the Irish side of the North Channel peak at 4kts and my boat peaks at 5kts, 1 kt is simply not an option, hence the start time, to get a fair tide into Glenarm.

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