Day 23 – Port Ellen to Glenarm

The day started early, leaving the berth at 5:30am. Poor visibility meant checking the plotter just to exit the harbour. Yesterday the coast of Ireland was clearly visible while walking the three distilleries walk. Today I didn’t see Ireland until I was less than 1 mile away!

Visibility meant that it was a nervous passage across the North Channel traffic separation zone. Listening out for fog horns which I heard several of. Such a simple way of avoiding collisions at sea but it still works great in poor visibility.

Eventually around 11am the weather cleared and careful tide planning payed off. Tides in the channel run at 4kts at the main part of tide at Springs. I’m a day after Springs today so I enjoyed over the ground speeds of 9kts on my boat that on engine goes at just under 5kts. I was engine all day in very light winds.

The wind lifted in the last hour of the trip and it was behind me, so I enjoyed a brief period of actually sailing!

Glenarm is a lovely small marina, and after tucking into lunch I enjoyed a walk around the forest.

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