Day 26 – Kirkcudbright to Maryport

Kirkcudbright is a lovely small town but I had to leave early the following morning as I was meeting up with my wife Pam in Maryport that afternoon. The river entrance dries and so I left the berth at 5:30am to anchor in the bay waiting for a fair tide into Maryport. The weather continued to be hot and sunny.

I lifted the anchor at 10:45am and headed to my final destination. The wind allowed me to sail across the Solway and I arrived at Maryport at 2:15 just after the gate opened.

The adventure was complete, the journey from Whitby, via the Calendonian Canal to Maryport was a long journey but it put a smile on my face to know that the journey I abandoned last year after relentlessly bad weather was now completed. The weather this year had been about as near to perfect as it was possible to be and the journey was without mishap. The boat performed perfectly. Arriving at Maryport felt like a homecoming as Reg, one of the team at the marina, greeted me and took my lines.

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  1. Nik, delighted to see that you got back on the horse and enjoyed such glorious weather too. Thanks again for taking the time to share your journey.

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